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  • May 06 , 2022 PV System FAQ-1
    1. How many meters can the longest DC cable from the module to the inverter be connected? A: The DC line loss between the module and the inverter should preferably not exceed 5% of the output voltage of the module array. The calculation formula of the voltage loss is △U=(I*L*2)/(r*S), I : The cable needs to withstand the maximum cable-A L : length of cable laying - m S : Cross-sectional area ...
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  • Apr 22 , 2022 Component performance degradation? Here comes the way to suppress PID!
    Photovoltaic modules are the most expensive part of the entire photovoltaic system, and the failure of the modules directly affects the power generation revenue throughout the project cycle. Broken, cracked, hot spots, etc. in module failure are irreversible, but the PID phenomenon of modules is a failure that affects power generation efficiency and can be prevented and repaired. 1.PID effect The ...
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  • Apr 01 , 2022 Cause of high leakage current
    1. What is the main reason for the high leakage current? A: Check whether the DC side cable is broken or the plug is not inserted properly. 2. What does it mean to display waiting for power generation? A: The display of "Waiting to generate power = 0 watts" means that the inverter is in a standby state, and the inverter can be restarted. 3. How many flat wires are needed for the AC end of the 20kW...
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  • Mar 25 , 2022 Is 16 square copper wire enough for 20-25kw?
    1. The 25kW inverter has 6 channels of DC access, and the 6 channels are safe and the power is greater than 25kW. How to do? A: 25kW has a 1.3 times over-provisioning on the DC side, and a reasonable over-provisioning is possible. The specific overcapacity ratio also depends on the region, 1.3 times is the largest, and normal is 1.1~1.2 times. 2. How to connect the RS485 of the inverter? A: The RS...
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  • Mar 11 , 2022 MPPT working voltage
    1. There is an error in the two open circuit voltages of the two strings under the MPPT. Does the MPPT track a high voltage or a low voltage? A: In the case of voltage parallel mismatch, the MPPT maximum power tracking point is different, the low voltage will pull down the high, affecting the overall output power. 2. The working voltage in the MPPT will be lower than the open circuit voltage. Will...
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  • Mar 04 , 2022 Under what circumstances do you need to install an optimizer?
    1. What kind of cables are used for the AC/DC of the 50kW inverter? A: The PV DC cable is PV1-F 1*4mm², and the recommended AC wire diameter is 35 flat copper wire, which depends on the grid-connected distance of the inverter and the laying method. 2. What is the principle of the optimizer? Under what circumstances do you need to install an optimizer? A: Optimizer principle and installation scenar...
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  • Feb 25 , 2022 How to calculate overprovisioning?
    1. When the inverter generates power in the morning on a rainy day, the incoming switch of the State Grid always trips. Is the switch too small? How many switches should a 30kW inverter be equipped with? Are these switches generally the same? A: There are many reasons for tripping, such as broken cables, grounding problems, leakage, switch selection, etc., which need to be checked. The maximum out...
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  • Feb 18 , 2022 How thick is the AC wire?
    1. With an installed capacity of about 45kW, how thick is the AC line? A: If you use a 40kW inverter, it is recommended to use a 25mm² copper core cable. 2. 84 modules total 540W, how many routes are the DC side divided into? A: If EITAI 40kW is used, 18 blocks/circuit (2 circuits in total) + 16 blocks/circuit (3 circuits in total). 3. 44 pieces of LONGi double-sided 525W modules, 26 pieces are pl...
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  • Feb 11 , 2022 Energy Storage | Introduction of Household System Types
    1. Hybrid home photovoltaic + energy storage system system introduction Hybrid photovoltaic + energy storage systems generally consist of photovoltaic modules, lithium batteries, hybrid inverters, smart meters, CTs, power grids, grid-connected loads and off-grid loads. The system can realize the direct charging of the battery by the photovoltaic through DC-DC conversion, and can also realize the b...
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