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The Problem You Might Meet about GROWATT's Monitor
October 29 , 2020

We found that some clients don't buy the wifi monudle together with the inverter, but want to add one to monitor during using. Or they do have a wifi module, but don't know how to use it and meet some problems, let's check out how to solve it:

GROWATT international wifi

1. Don't know what type of wifi module is needed?

* WIFI-S suitable for the series of inverters: S, MTL-S, TL3-S, SPH
* WIFI-X suitable for the series of inverters: X, KTL3-X, MAX
* WIFI-F suitable for the series of inverters: SPF
( List out on the picture for reference.)

Solar Inverter Monitor

2. Don't know what meaning for different colors?

Flashing Red: The initial state of the configuration.

* Solid Blue: Datalogger is launching hotspot, waiting to use AP mode method.

* Flashing Blue: Datalogger has been connected to router.

* Solid Green: Failed connection, network not 2.4ghz./ 

                     Wrong Wifi name/ password or in AP mode./

                     Wifi signal is too weak.

* Flashing Green: Datalogger is connected to router, but router has no internet.

GROWATT wifi module


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