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    Lead Acid Battery
    EITAI Solar Battery Gel Lead Acid Battery
    EITAI Solar Battery Gel Lead Acid Battery EITAI Lead Acid Battery 12v150ah Maintenance Free Gel Battery Solar PV System Use Lead Acid 12V150AH :  *Maintenanch free *Convenient for installation *Safety and no leakage *Excellent recharge and discharge performance *Adapt to high or low temperature *Good deep discharge performance *Longer cycle life Product Description :  Rated Voltage 12V Number of cells 6 Cells Designed Life 5-8 Years Rated Capacity at 25℃(77℉) 10hr rate(0.1C,10.8V) 100Ah 3hr rate(0.25C,10.8V) 76.8Ah 1hr rate(0.55C,10.5V) 55.2Ah Capacity affected by Temperature(10 hour rate) 40℃(104℉) 103% 25℃(77℉) 100% 0℃(32℉) 85% -15℃(5℉) 65% Charge Method:constant-voltage charging at 25℃(77℉) Cyclic use 14.4-14.9V Maximum charging current 25A Temperature Compensation -30mV/℃ Float Use 13.6-13.8V Temperature Compensation -20mV/℃ Self-Discharge 25℃(77℉) Capacity After 3 month storage 91% After 6 month storage 82% After 12 month storage 64% Environment Temperature Requirements Discharge Temperature -15-50℃ Charge Temperature 0-40℃ Storage Temperature -15-40℃ Inner Resistance&Max. Discharge Current A fully charged battery at 25℃(77℉) 4.5mΩ Max. Discharge Current 1500A(5s) Short Circuit Current 5000A Dimension and weight Length 330mm Width 173mm Height 217mm Total Height 222mm Reference Weight 30kg Product Detailed :  Battery Construction :  Construction Positive plate Negative plate Container Cover Safety valve Terminal Separator Electrolyte Raw material Lead dioxide Lead ABS ABS Rubber Copper AGM glass Sulfuric acid

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